Through chemical processing, excessive heat styling and sunlight/pollution – hair begins to
weaken and break compromising shape, beauty and shine. However, the actual damage is
caused by the breakage of amino acid coils positioned within the core that build and link
protein networks within your hair.




The Restora™ Protein technology protects and controls the key amino acid called
Cystine to ensure it is available to link to hair. Cystine is one of the 22 amino acids
that we need to build our hair protein networks. The technology allows the peptides
and proteins to penetrate the cortex of damaged hair.

In Restora™ Protein Treatment - a pure dosage of the Restora™ multi-patented
protein has been formulated within a complex molecular base structure.
Through clinical trails this has been proven to reverse long-term hair damage
providing strength, elasticity and shine for up to six weeks.

In Restora™ Protein Shampoo and Conditioner - a diluted dosage of the
Restora™ multi-patented protein has been formulated to accommodate
regular use elongating the effects gained from using the Restora™
Protein Treatment.


All commercial products either destroy the amino acid Cystine in an effort
to ensure solubility, or irreversibly modify it through a hydrogenating
process making it unavailable to the hair.
However, the complex Restora™ Protein Treatment formula maintains
solubility, interacts efficiently with hair fibre and bonds with Cystine

Restora™ proteins can uniquely be considered as hair identical proteins
as they do not break up amino acids. They contain specific type proteins
identified as crucial in protein binding, with the end result providing over
90% homology to human hair protein.