Following several requests to develop a strong skin care product suitable for his aunt’s yoga class in Rio de Janeiro, formulation chemist Seena Seka furthered the project by developing a quick yet functional ‘home-salon’ hair protein treatment that truly reverses damaged / bleached broken hair.

The results were so successful within the humid conditions of Brazil, we thought the next step would be to trial the protein science on hair as we knew that humid conditions can play a major role in long-term hair damage.Seena Seka – Creator of Restora™

Working with a team in Manchester, he began researching the true causes of inner cuticle hair damage and what systems can restore hair back to its original youthful state. After two years of dedication and a third for human hair trials, the big breakthrough came in 2016 in the form of Restora™, a functional home-salon

product that truly reverses hair damage after only one use with results lasting up to six weeks.

Now people have the option of rebuilding their hair strength and structure in the comfort of their home, but to a salon standard.

Salon treatments can take up to half a day and generally last for 7 days before the strength of the hair begins to weaken. I just felt these treatments were not taking people’s lifestyles into account, which I know is valuable to them.”   Seena Seka – Creator of Restora™


Restora™ Protein Treatment can be used at home or in a salon saving crucial hours in your day, but also ensuring fewer visits as the results last up to 6 weeks. This product not only improves your hair, but also your lifestyle.


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